Automated Endoscope tester

The only automated testing device that ensures regulatory compliance and proves your scopes are in perfect shape, fit for purpose.

Never a broken scope in your OR again.

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5x more accurate than humans

If endoscopes are inspected in the CSSD before every use, how come OR staff still has to deal with having to replace faulty units during surgery? Well as it turns out, humans might not be the best judge when it comes to the gradual degradation of endoscopes.

A study done by the Hospices Civil de Lyon found that even a trained surgeon wasn't able to pick up on 80% of the defects in rigid endoscopes.


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Never a broken scope
in your OR again

With LightControl in your workflow,  automated endoscope testing will make sure you will never have a broken endoscope in your OR again.

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Save 3 days of
OR time yearly

Broken scopes in the OR cause delays and with them; costs. Eliminating broken scopes in the OR will save the average regional hospital 3 days of OR time per year. 

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to regulations

Because LightControl is always connected to EndoscopeManager, you'll have a complete database of all your tests that are easy to navigate by serial number.

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Extend endoscope
Lifespan by 25%

By using LightControl, you will pickup on defects much sooner resulting in smaller repairs and reduced maintenance costs, extending the lifespan of your endoscopes.

Calculate your potential savings

By utilizing LightControl, we proactively avoid the inclusion of damaged endoscopes in the operating room, enabling us to quantify potential savings in operating room time. Use our calculator and discover your potential savings!

How many procedures with endoscopes are carried

out per month?

How many of the scopes sent to the OR have to be

replaced during the procedure?

How much time does it take to replace a scope

during a procedure?

How much does your OR cost per hour?
How much does 1 CSSD employee cost per hour?

These results represent the cost of time lost in the OR due to broken scopes. The savings are based on your hourly OR costs, CSSD Personnel costs and LightControl lease costs.

Broken scopes in OR per year:

Damage per year:

Wasted OR hours yearly

LC Usage Costs (€ 9468 Lease + Operator Costs)

Yearly Savings

Easy operation 

As with any process in the CSSD, we wanted the operation of LightControl to be as simple and effective as possible. Because the whole test is mostly automated, an operator can simply start the test and focus on other tasks in the meantime. Watch the video about operating LightControl to see the process in action.



Always connected to EndoscopeManager

LightControl is always connected to our cloud platform: EndoscopeManager. It stores all test results and allows you to trace your entire endoscopy inventory performance.

EndoscopeManager is the management cloud platform for your endoscopy equipment inventory. It stores all test data from your Dovideq testing systems and allows you track your equipment performance and quality.


How we test

LightControl tests your endoscopes on 6 parameters, each parameter is given a score based on the measured values referenced to the manufacturers specifications and cloud reference. The tested parameters are as followed:


Light Transmission

Measures light transmission of the lenses (lux). The device uses a calibrated light source which passes through the endoscope to the eye piece which is connected to a camera. 

Color Correctness

Measures the color correctness of the light transmitted through the rod lenses based on the HSV model. It prevents misinterpretation of the image during surgery due to a discolored image.

Light Fibers

Measures the quality of the fibre package of your endoscope with a photo diode sensor. It ensures optimal lighting during surgery.


Checks the focus of the endoscope based on Haar Wavelet transformation. It prevents out of focus, also known as misty, endoscopes from entering the operating room.

Lens Fractures

Checks the individual rod lenses of your endoscope for damage. LightControl takes images of the individual lenses, and uses an algorithm to detect damage.

Particle Detection

Checks for microscopic particles in the internal sections in your endoscopes. LightControl takes images of the internals of your endoscope, and uses an algorithm to detect particles.

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