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LightControl is an automated and connected measuring device to check the quality of rigid endoscopes, allowing quality control and traceability.


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Save 3 DAYS off OR time yearly

Lower costs

Save €100.000 yearly

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Never a broken scope in the OR

Quality Assurance and Control

LightControl measures and verifies the quality of your rigid endoscopes based on 6 parameters. LightControl is the only system on the market that offers you:

Traceability & Compliance
Traceability, visibility,quality assurance & control
Better Care grijs
Increased patient safety
Regulatory Compliance grijs
Regulatory compliance with EU MDR 2017/745
Increased OR Uptime
Increased OR Uptime
Lower Costs grijs
Operational excellence and cost savings
Supplier automation
Supplier & repairmanagement automation
COnnected Systems
Connected data to your systems

Reliable testing, repeatable results

LightControl tests up to 6 automated test and measurement parameters. Each parameter is designed to verify a specific element and provides detailed feedback on quality and usability. By using LightControl, endoscopes are tested under the same conditions and preset specifications every time.

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Lense Fracture measures whether one or more internal lenses have a fracture.
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Particle Detection finds whether particles have entered the internal sections of the endoscope.
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Light Fibers
Light fibers are measured in Lux and based on light emission.
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Light transmission is measured against its manufacturer’s reference value.
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Focus is measured in relation to a set reference stored in the testing device.
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Color Correctness is measured based on the HSV model.
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Start optimizing

Fully automated logistics and follow up for the quality process of rigid endoscopes. Dovideq’s solution optimizes the repair and exchange cycle, with savings up to 16% per hospital (between € 50.000 - € 100.000 per hospital per year). In addition, a hospital with 40 flexible endoscopes can save around € 160.000,- per year with an improved repair and exchange process.

Overall, the potential savings amounts more than € 200.000,- per hospital per year.

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