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Automated endoscope tester

Automatically tests and measures the quality of reusable rigid endoscopes based on 6 different parameters. Independent quality verification.

LightControl Trans
Automated endoscope tester

Smaller, lighter, cheaper and quicker than ScopeControl. Including two new parameters. To be launched end of 2022 at Medica

Light guide cable tester

Measures any light guide cable within 20 seconds.
No adapters needed.
Clear Pass/Fail on the device.

Automated, electronic air leak test

keeps the DUTs under pressure when a leak is detected. Can be used with or without a water bath. Saves 90% of all total losses.

UDI scanner

Scans any UDI on any surface upto 1mm². Connects to any software. Easily increase efficiency in your process. Reduce human errors.

Start Optimizing

The best endoscope and light guide asset management application. Quality Control and Assurance.

DoviRead Left angle small
NFC & RFID Scanner

DoviRead is a smart and compact RFID and NFC tag reader that can be used for any application. Specifically designed for medical use.