Automated, repeatable electronic air leak test
Automated electronic air leak tester that finds leaks early on when
repairs are minor and less costly, minimizing the level of damage caused
by submersion.
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Prevent major repairs

Microleak detection finds problems early when repairs are minor and less costly.

Uninterrupted disinfection process

Your disinfection machine will never stop half process again.

Compliant with your leak testing protocols

LeakControl easily integrates into your existing protocols.

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- Fits all brands and types
- Automated and reliable testing
- No water bath required
- Detects blockages
- Checks the scope air connector
- Keeps scope pressurised
- Autodetects small or large endoscope and      adjusts testing time
- When power outage occurs LeakControl  keeps your scope pressurized

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Pass fail LeakControl

Clear pass or fail indication

LeakControl's indicator easily tells you whether the cable can be used or not.
It lights red or green.

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Easy operation. Dependable results.

- Test starts automatically after pressing start.
- Simple indication: leak or no leak.
- Gives an alarm if there is a scope with a leak.
- Keeps the scope at overpressure in case of leakage, so that no moisture penetrates.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Why would I do a leaktest?

Here's a whitepaper explaining the importance of doing leaktests.


Our automatic endoscope washer already does a leak test, why choose LeakControl?

Your endoscope washer usually does a test when corroding chemicals are inserted into your endoscope. That means chemical liquids are penetrating a small hole, which potentially makes the problem worse. If a leak is found, you've lost €10 due to a stopped process. And you've done your manual pre-cleaning for nothing. A leak in your automatic washer means a chance of cross-infection, so you'll have to clean your washer because it has come into contact with human tissue. That costs you an extra 20 minutes alone.


We test manually. We have a standardised process. Why work with this?

You don't have to change anything, except change your manometer for LeakControl. 
Here's a quick reference guide how to incorporate LeakControl in your existing process.
Your process may be standardized, but it always varies from one colleague to another. LeakControl makes sure everyone works the same. Generally, a person finds leaks with a hysteresis of 10%. LeakControl alarms at 4%. LeakControl sees leaks more than twice as early, saving you an average of €100,000 in major repairs. 


We do our leak test in a water bath. Does it work with LeakControl?

Nice! LeakControl can do that too! You won't need extra time to do this test. It replaces the one you were already doing. What's more, you can continue to do everything you've always done (go wag that tail). Your test will be much more accurate, repeatable and reliable.


We already have a leaktester from our manufacturer. Why buy LeakControl?

Most important: If LeakControl finds a leak, it will keep pressurizing your endoscope, so no liquid gets to the most expensive parts, saving you very expensive repairs. Is that something your OEM's device does? We don't think so!

OEM leak testers are often loud and not as accurate as ours. You will find leaks much faster and earlier with LeakControl

How much money does this actually save?

LeakControl has been sold in over 100 hospitals across the Benelux and Denmark. On average, a regional hospital saves € 100.000,-, because they hardly have major repairs anymore. 90% less annual costs.

Here's a customer testimonial. Do you understand why you hadn't heard of us before?


I love your website, but do you have a brochure?

Yes, it's here.