Automated Endoscope Air Leak tester

The only air leak tester that finds leaks early on when repairs are minor and less costly, minimizing the damage caused by submersion.

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Prevent 90% of flexible endoscope costs

LeakControl finds leaks in your endoscopes early on, when repairs are minor and less costly. 

Not only does this keep your repair costs under control, it also prevents water ingress during manual pre-cleaning, one of the biggest dangers to your endoscopes.

It also prevents leaky endoscopes from entering your disinfection machines, meaning you'll never suffer the consequences of a leaky and possibly contaminated endoscope in your disinfection machine again.


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No more
large repairs

When LeakControl detects even the smallest of leaks, it will warn the operator, and keep the scope pressurized until it's taken out of the water bath. Preventing water ingress from damaging the expensive endoscope.

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An uninterrupted
disinfection process

By finding all leaks during manual pre-cleaning, leaky endoscopes never make it into your automatic washer disinfector. This means you'll never have them stop half process again, also preventing the risk of cross contamination inside your machines.

Eliminate cross infection

Eliminate the risk
of cross infection

Because LeakControl detects micro leaks that would otherwise go undetected, it prevents organic materials from entering the endoscope during procedures or build up around the leak. This prevents the cross contamination between patients.

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to regulations

When you have LeakControl connected to EndoscopeManager, you'll have a complete database of all your tests that are easy to navigate by serial number.

Easy integration into your process.

LeakControl easily integrates into your existing manual pre-cleaning process.

Simply connect LeakControl to your endoscope, and start the leak test before putting it in the water bath. LeakControl will test your endoscope for leaks, while you focus on the most important part of the disinfection process, manual pre-cleaning


How LeakControl helps hospitals

Don't just take our word for it, here's how LeakControl helps hospitals improve their disinfection process.

Long time user Bas Vriend from Gelre Ziekenhuizen explains how LeakControl has integrated into their disinfection process.


How we test

LeakControl pressurizes your endoscope and checks for a decrease in pressure over time. The test duration is automatically set for 60 or 120 seconds, depending on if you're testing a large or small endoscope. This can also be set manually but is set to auto detect by default. If a leak is found, LeakControl will alert the operator and keep the scope pressurized until the operator takes the scope from the water bath and stops the test.


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