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Fully automated logistics and follow up for the quality process of rigid endoscopes.

Dovideq’s solution optimizes the repair and exchange cycle, with savings up to 16% per hospital (between € 50.000 - € 100.000 per hospital per year).
In addition, a hospital with 40 flexible endoscopes can save around € 160.000,- per year with an improved repair and exchange process.
Overall, the potential savings amounts more than € 200.000,- per hospital per year.


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EndoscopeManager features for

  • Hospital

    EndoscopeManager is an endoscope and light guide asset management application that facilitates a fully automated workflow at your CSSD; from quick status overviews to fully automated logistics and follow up on repairs. ScopeLINK equals time reduction and carefree handling of your (broken) endoscopes.

  • Manufacturer

    Compliant Post Market Clinical Surveillance & Follow Up.
    Insights in your sustainable production quality, across production facilities. It offers the possibility to set factory references and thresholds standards.
    ScopeLINK allows you to follow and track your endoscopes remotely. Also at customer side. Improbe your service- logistics-, repair- and delivery process tenfold.
  • Repair shop

    The unique ability to remotely check with your customers for upcoming defects. This allows you to advise your customers in time, saving them time and money, while improving your customer relation. Based on your customer’s measurements, objective data is available to remotely create quotations, as well as automatically sharing generated damage/ repair reports.

EndoscopeManager for Hospitals

  • Compliancy with regulations
  • Data Based Vendor Management 
  • Process improvement
  • Lower Endoscope TCO
  • Follow lifetime
  • Compare endoscope quality
  • Check repairs

EndoscopeManager for Manufacturers

  • Post Market Clinical Surveillance & Follow Up
  • Endoscope-type life cycle data
  • Final quality check before dispatch
  • Upload reference values or threshold values
  • Insights in your production quality

EndoscopeManager for Repair Shops

  • Qualified and Validated Methodology
  • Empirical damage & repair reports
  • Predictive defect management 
  • Automate repair process
  • Advise your customers in time

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