Medical grade RIFD & NFC tag reader

Quick identification and registration of equipment and personnel. DoviREAD works flawlessly with your Dovideq systems as well as any data entry software you use.

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Designed for medical use with easy installation

DoviREAD is a smart and compact RFID & NFC tag reader especially designed for medical use. Shock proof casing, dust tight and splash-water resistant to make cleaning fast and easy.

With the DoviREAD configurator software you can easily add any prefix or suffix, so it integrates easily and seamlessly into any software.


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USB powered

ensures stable placement

With MagFIX®, DoviREAD snaps to any metal surface, ensuring stable placement.

Connects to any
software you use

DoviREAD can be used with any form of data entry software.

USB powered

DoviREAD is powered via the supplied USB cable.

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