Increasing Patient Safety with Dovideq Medical Systems

The data matrix scanner

Automated endoscope and light guide cable testing, reporting and management.

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Patient safety is in our DNA.
Humans are fallible, so we improve processes through automated technology.
We help you be compliant, reduce risks, ensure patient safety and smooth operations at reduced costs.
Our goal: compliant, functioning & safe medical devices in the operating room. 

"A good job needs good visibility"



Excellent healthcare


Endoscopes are often just visually inspected. That takes a lot of time. And humans cannot oversee gradual changes over time.
HUmans make mistakes.  
All regulatory authorities now require quality control and a record of each endoscope's reuse. 
When it comes to repairs of endoscopes, a lot of time is wasted, not to mention no quality control.
We automate this tedious, mistake prone process!

Automated endoscope testing

Automated endoscope testing

Predictable results

Quality Assurance and Control

Quality Assurance and Control

Traceablitiy in quality, population and total cost of ownership

Repeatable SOP

Repeatable SOP

Quality compliance at a higher level



The MDR means recording usage, gradual change and measuring efficacy

Our products

Light guide cable tester

Measure any light guide cable within 20 seconds. No adapters needed.
Clear Pass/Fail with the Magic Circle. Enhanced reporting via endoscopemanager.

UDI scanner

Scans any UDI on any surface upto 1mm². Connects to any software. Easily increase efficiency in your process. Reduce human errors.

Rigid endoscope tester

A dedicated endoscope testing device. Functional test on 6 parameters. Independent quality verification of rigid endoscopes. Records and alarms on gradual quality deterioration that humans cannot inspect. 


Be compliant. Start Optimizing.

Endoscopemanager is the best asset management application for endoscopes and light guides.
From quick status overviews to fully automated logistic flows and clear follow up on repairs.
Be compliant with European MDR.


"Although money is tight within the NHS, this equipment helps us to ensure a consistency of service, improve productivity and enhance patient safety."

Jim Brown
Decontamination Services Manger

"ScopeControl secures our brand-agnostic testing of endoscopes, because its automated testing and reporting, increases patient safety and lowers overall endoscope costs by 15%"
Ber van Zon - Medical Technology

“Now it's possible to check and control our quality process of endoscopes.
Objective measurements result in improved processes and high standards for the instruments used, improving our service from the CSSD to the O.R.”

Jan Winterdink
Expert sterile medical devices and desinfection of endoscopes

"With ScopeControl we get to grips with quality management to become compliant with the covenant on safety when using medical technology in our hospital."

"The first objective measuring method. Results are stored automatically, helping to secure procedures according to the MIC committee (minimal invasive surgery) guidelines and  The European MDR.
It reduces costs and is the best tool to avoid defect endoscopes entering the operating theatre."

Guido Kortleven
Head of medical instruments and control