Automated Endoscopy Testing


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Rigid Endoscope Testing

Our automated endoscope tester LightControl will make sure you never have a broken scope in your OR again.


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Flexible Endoscope Testing

Prevent 90% of large repairs with LeakControl, the smart leak tester that will save  your scopes from destruction.


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Light Guide Cable Testing

Extend the lifespan of your light guide cables, rigid endoscopes and light sources by 25% with GuideControl. 


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Device Identification

Designed for the medical industry, Dovideqs UDI, NFC and RFID tag scanners are the perfect fit for your CSSD workflow.


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Why testing is so important

Proper testing of endoscopy equipment between every use is vital for patient safety and accurate diagnosis. Regular testing ensures optimal functionality, reduces contamination risks, and upholds infection control standards.
Dovideqs testing systems help hospitals establish a verifiable and objective testing method in their process to make sure defective endoscopy equipment is never used in the OR. Saving valuable OR time and reducing maintenance costs.

Regulatory Compliance and Automated Testing

With regulations like the EU MDR 2017/745 and ISO 17665 coming into effect in the coming years, hospitals must be able to prove their testing was done correctly.

Regulations also state that OEMs must provide hospitals with testing parameters. Because this is still lacking at the moment, Dovideq offers hospitals a solution that both tests their devices, as well as register all test results to a cloud platform.

What our customers say

NHS logo testimonial

Decontamination Services Manager

Jim Brown - NHS

''Although money is tight within the NHS, this equipment helps us to ensure a consistent service, improve productivity and enhance patient safety. ''

Maastricht UMC Logo Testimonial

Medical Technology

Ber van Zon - Maastricht UMC

''ScopeControl secures our brand-agnostic testing of endoscopes, because its automated testing and reporting, increases patient safety and lowers overall endoscope costs bij 15%''

IJsselland Ziekenhuis Logo testimonial

Head of medical instruments and control

Guido Kortleven - Ijsselland Ziekenhuis

''The first objective measuring method, Results are stored automatically, helping to secure procedures according to the MIC committee (minimal invasive surgery) guidelines and the European MDR. It reduces costs and is the best tool to avoid defective endoscopes from entering the operating theatre''

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