The endoscope tester

The ScopeControl® endoscope tester is a dedicated endoscope measurement device to verify the quality of rigid endoscopes.


Quality Assurance and Control

ScopeControl® is a test and measurement device developed by DOVIDEQ medical to verify the quality of rigid endoscopes and securing quality assurance.

By means of fully automated tests, ScopeControl measures and verifies the quality of the endoscope. ScopeControl secures quality management of the endoscopes in use in the operations theatre, improving patient safety and total quality control.

  • Quality assurance and control
  • Perfect view for surgeons
  • Increased patient safety
  • Operational excellence and cost savings


Endoscope Testing

ScopeControl is set up for endoscope testing with 6 fully automated test and measurement functions. Each function is designed to verify a specific element of the endoscope under test and provides detailed feedback on quality and usability. By using fully automated endoscope testing, endoscopes are tested under the same conditions and preset specification every time.


The viewing angle of the endoscope under test is measured in reference to the manufactures specifications.


The light fibers of the endoscope under test are measured in Lux and based on light emission.


The field of view is measured in degrees and represents the visible range of the endoscope under test.


The light transmission of the endoscope under test is measured against its manufacturers reference value.

ScopeControl Measurement Icons-06

The focus of the endoscope under test is measured in relation to a set reference.


During the colour balance test, the deviation is measured of the endoscope under test in relation to its reference value.

Measurement Reporting

All test results are presented in a measurement report providing valuable details and
visual feedback about the quality of the endoscope.


Visual feedback

ScopeControl stores all endoscope measurement details for later use in defect and repair reports, bus also dedicated management and quality reporting.

The ScopeControls snapshot feature stores pictures made during the endoscope measurement for visual feedback to support evaluation and reporting. By using the collected test and measurement details, information about the performance of the endoscopes under test can be monitored to present history and trend analyses.


Detailed Reporting

All the endoscope measurement and test results are stored in a database for reporting purpose. The reporting engine is designed to build and run reports based on pre-set filters and selections, presenting the details required for dedicated test and measurement reporting.

Also history reports and management reports can be generated to secure quality management. Reports can be viewed on pc-screens or exported to various formats to be used in documentation.



Added to the fully automated tests is a feature called Snapshot. Snapshot takes photos during the endoscope measurement to present the defects in the rod lenses. This provides visual feedback to the ScopeControl operators that can be used during management reporting.

The snapshots from a previous endoscope measurement can be used for specific quality evaluations. For repair and replacement reporting, snapshot provides confirmation about the defects and affected quality.


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