Light guide cable tester

GuideControl™ is an intelligent light guide cable tester, specifically designed for the Central Sterilization Department. Tests on 3 parameters.

GuideControl - How to-1
GuideControl with EndoscopeManager

GuideControl | Light guide cable tester

  • 20 second test
  • One connector to fit all brands
  • Clear pass or fail indication
  • Data storage in EndoscopeManager
  • Automated repair/replace process


detailed test reports

Detailed test reports

Includes clear dashboards for managers: Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly overview of your test results


Light guide cable identification

Fully able to identify your cables. GuideControl facilitates any UDI and RFID. (DoviScan compatible)

clear pass

Clear pass or fail indication

GuideControl's Magic Circle easily tells you whether the cable can be used or not.
It lights red or green.

automated logistics

Fully automated logistics and follow up

Test your registered light guide cables and automatically receive new cables when they are failed

Detailed measurements and reports

GuideControl measures and records 3 optical aspects; light transmittance, fiber density & discoloration.
The integrated snapshot-mode enables inspection for broken fibers and discoloration.


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