Managing endoscopes difficult?

Managing Endoscopes Difficult?

Obviously it depends how you have your processes organised and what applications you use but we meet a lot of hospitals that have some level of difficulty managing endoscopes. To solve this problem we came up with a solution that combines the power of ScopeControl together with quality management, inventory management and connectivity with hospital applications. And this is all happening in the Cloud.

From testing to managing

Years ago we developed the ScopeControl, the only endoscope testing device that truly fits the SPD/CSSD workflow. Because we do this from within the workflow we know exactly how many endoscopes are processed, the status of each single endoscope and how many are still somewhere sitting on a shelf. But there was something missing in this picture. We could not give users a simple interface to really manage their endoscopes. But now we’ve got it!

And so we developed a cloud platform to manage endoscopes, connect to other applications and platforms with API’s and support track & tracing which is becoming increasingly more popular these days. Initially did only support organisations that have a ScopeControl but now we made big changes to the database and also support organisations that don’t have one. Think about hospitals that use external SPD/CSSD’s or when hospitals have a relation with a supplier that has a ScopeControl like repair companies or manufacturers and want to use the same approach in order to manage endoscopes and communicate with their supplier about getting new endoscopes or to have existing once exchanged.

Exchanging endoscopes with one mouse click

The true power of combining testing and managing is that we let users be in control and enable them to request quotes and send detailed test reports with them so you don’t have to send out the endoscope and wait until the damage has been analysed. You can do it right from within the workflow and determine of you want to have it exchanged or not! And it get’s even easier, when you have a service or exchange contract, you can allow your supplier to have access to your endoscope status and let them send out endoscopes right when you need them.

External SPD/CSSD’s allowed

As mentioned previously, all organisations that have endoscopes can use it just doesn’t matter anymore. Maybe your supplier has a ScopeControl or your external SPD/CSSD has. Recently we added a feature for companies that serve multiple hospitals as external SPD/CSSD. If they have ScopeControl they can invite hospitals to create an account and “share” their ScopeControl with multiple hospitals to allow¬†them to add endoscopes to this unit and have them tested. The hospitals are receiving the data in their user interface as if it was tested on their own ScopeControl! Obviously you don’t have to be a external SPD/CSSD to do this.

When you are a hospital and you are also sterilizing endoscopes for another hospital you can use the same function and split the purchase of a ScopeControl. And everybody can do whatever they want with their results, exchange endoscopes, repair endoscopes or maybe something we haven’t thought of yet! We see that our users are getting more and more creative with the whole new approach about managing endoscopes, and that was the idea to start with… enable and learn from each other!

So is managing endoscopes difficult? No, it shouldn’t be, just use the right tools…


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