GuideControl – Light Guide Cable Testing

Next evolution in Light Guide Cable Testing

During MEDICA 2016 in Dusseldorf we launched our next product, GuideControl, the next evolution in light guide cable testing. Of course there were already cable testers on the market but if you’d ask the people who used them they all would give the same feedback; “The measurements are fluctuating and the result is interpretable”. So this triggered us to come up with something new and better!

We already build the ScopeControl, the world’s first fully automatic endoscope tester so we were excited to take the next challenge to develop the light guide cable tester!

Problem description

Because there are already some testers on the market, which some of them actually do a pretty good job, we needed to listen closely to the users in order to build something that stands out from the competition. Fluctuating measurement results in between measuring attempts, the need for more than 1 tester because a lot of testers support only 1 cable adapter size (and there are about 6 different sizes on the market). The third issue was interpretability, by default regulatory organisations advice to mark a cable as defect when the light transmission drops below 70%. But in practice users are able read the percentage that led to own interpretation.

“ohw, this cable has a transmission of 68%, that’s close to 70% so I’ll let this one pass”.

light guide cable testing Clear Pass / Fail

The solution

So we came up with a unit that must have 1 universal connection, clear pass/fail indication and because we had experience with data-logging and cloud interfaces we followed the same principle here. It was not hard to build in a RFID module but getting the antenna to work was  a different story. We did not want to compromise for the design to get an easy implementation for the antenna. The result is that you cannot see the antenna because we used a part of the housing as an antenna. Compatibility with DoviSCAN is also part of the deal. So basically this light guide cable tester supports track & tracing no matter what system you want to use.

All data can be sent to the cloud interface in order to view all measurements taken by the unit. But if you don’t want to use this then you don’t have to… it’s there if you want to. All settings can be changed from the cloud interface or optionally from the local web interface.

GuideControl web interface

The GuideControl is already a big success in sales numbers and it is not even available yet. First deliveries are planned for the second quarter 2017. But that does not hold back companies to pre-order or give intentions to purchase. This really is a big compliment to the development team that played a big role in getting this product so far in a short time. We are looking forward to the responses when the first units are used in real life!

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