Dutch National Health Innovation Award 2016

Dutch National Health Innovation Award 2016

In March we have won the Dutch National Health Innovation Award 2016 out of hundred candidates for our contribution to a better patient safety and the improved quality process regarding rigid endoscopes testing with ScopeControl.
ScopeControl received 62% of the votes from more then 1000 attendees.

Recent Successess:

New acquired regions for export ScopeControl:
USA: We welcome Mobile Instrument as our new distributor to cover the USA
Australia: The first units are shipped to our distributor Device Technologies. The units will be used by Cabrini Technology
France: We welcome Axone Medical as our new distributor to cover the France

We also welcome Hospital Rivierenland in Tiel, the Netherlands, as a new ScopeControl user.

We expect more purchase orders soon from the following countries:





September 16: Canada, Atlantic OR Nurses.
September 16: Canada, Alberta OR Nurses.
October 4-6: USA, MD Expo Show
October 4-6: Germany, DGSV Kongresse
October 18: Canada, CDN Medical reprocessing.
October 4-6: UAE, Patient Safety Congress Middle East
October 26-28: Japan, HOSPEX
October 26-29: Australia, WFHSS
November 5: the Netherlands, SVN
November 14-17: Germany, MEDICA


ScopeControl is the first fully automatic measuring device, designed to check the quality of rigid endoscopes. ScopeControl determines whether the endoscope still meets the required quality standards and a measurement will be done in approximately 2-3 minutes.

All measuring data will be stored under the serial number of the endoscope after every usage showing wear and failure changes on time. All kind of management reports can be made like lifetime comparison, cost per procedure, quality of repairs etc.

The ScopeControl does measure 6 different values.

– Measurement of intensity of the light fibers
– Measurement of light intensity and quality of the lens system
– The color correctness
– Sharpness / focus
– Viewing angle
– Field of view

Pictures will be taken of the defects inside and stored with the measured values.