DOVIDEQ medical adds new Snapshot feature and enhanced reporting to ScopeControl

The new release of DOVIDEQ medical’s ScopeControl, the first automated endoscope tester for rigid endoscopes, adds snapshot and enhanced reporting to the existing feature set.

ScopeControl, by DOVIDEQ medical, is a dedicated test and measurement device to verify the quality of rigid endoscopes. ScopeControl secures quality management of the endoscopes in use in the operations theatre. It increases patient safety and total quality control, while improving operational excellence and reducing costs.

By means of 6 fully automated test and measurement functions, endoscopes are tested. Each function is designed to verify a specific element of the endoscope under test. All the test results are presented in a measurement report providing valuable details about the quality of the endoscope.


Added to the fully automated tests is a new feature called Snapshot. Snapshot takes photos during measurements to present the defects in the rod lenses. This provides visual feedback to the ScopeControl operators that may be used during management reporting and evaluation.


Snapshot photos taken during testing
Photo left: particles in the lens – Photo center: broken lens – Photo right: blurred image

Enhanced reporting

All test and measurement results are stored in a database for reporting purpose. New features are added to the reporting engine to build and run reports based on pre-set filters and selections, presenting the details required for dedicated management reporting.


Screenshot from ScopControl reporting database

For more information about ScopeControl and the value it brings to you, feel free to contact Jan Carel Teding van Berkhout, Sales and Marketing Director at DOVIDEQ medical via or call +31 570 760 800.