ScopeLINK at MEDICA 2015

ScopeLINK at MEDICA 2015

DOVIDEQ medical looks back on a successful MEDICA 2015

Besides numerous visitors from potential distributors and hospitals from many countries, we also had interest from Dutch politicians.  

Ambassador MoIMG_1669nique van Daalen from Berlin: 

The Dutch ambassador of Germany personally came over to our booth in order to understand the experiences of a small innovative company from the Netherlands that wants to enter the German market. She offered valuable advice and the use of her network of contacts which we really appreciate.  

Edith Schippers

Dutch Minister Edith Schippers of Health:

The minister visited our booth to gain some understanding of how we have utilised the services of Task Force Healthcare only a short while ago yet now we are independent with our own booth at MEDICA. She understands the advantages of ScopeControl very well for improved patient safety and recognises that it saves money due to the fact that there is for example less delay in the operating theatre. Furthermore there is less hassle and discussions about the quality of the endoscopes.  

New orders:

During MEDICA, DOVIDEQ Medical have received our first order from a distributor in Vietnam starting with several demo units.   


User Interface5-03We had very positive feedback about our new ScopeLINK solution. Especially the cockpit overview, costs per use and interactive automated follow up gave very positive reactions. The input will be used during our further development of ScopeLINK.

In short, we look back on a very successful event and are looking forward to next year!!