Prominent Dutch hospitals choose ScopeControl

Prominent Dutch hospitals choose ScopeControl

Hospitals choose ScopeControl

Catharina Hospital Eindhoven

Recently ScopeControl has been delivered to the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven. The CSA staff have had a general training on the quality proces of rigid endoscopes and the operation of ScopeControl. This leads to CSA employees earning 10 accreditation points from the SVN (Sterilisatie Vereniging Nederland).

Training CSA Catharina

Michel van Hoof is manager of the CSSD. Extensive research on the possibilities to monitor the quality of endoscopes during the past year, resulted in the purchase of ScopeControl from Dovideq, being the best solution on the market. During the daily workflow, endoscopes are tested after each usage to ensure that only high-quality endoscopes enter the OR. Hospitals choose ScopeControl because of it’s simplicity and easy of use.


VUMC Amsterdam


After an extensive testing period in 2014, VUMC has decided to purchase ScopeControl. Bas Hijl is manager CSSD and is currently working on a number of efficiency projects. He managed to release the budget for the purchase.

Bas tells: “The members of the CSSD have spent months testing and participated in a validation program led by the University Medical Center Utrecht. When ScopeControl was handed back after the trial, it was immediately clear that the ScopeControl was indispensable for the department. We work hard to keep the quality of instruments at a high level and we can not do this for endoscopes without ScopeControl.”


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