Fully Automated Endoscope Testing

Endoscope testing

ScopeControl is set up for endoscope testing with 6 fully automated test and measurement functions. Each function is designed to verify a specific element of the endoscope under test and provides detailed feedback on quality and usability. By using fully automated endoscope testing, endoscopes are tested under the same conditions and preset specification every time.

ScopeControl_View Angle

Viewing Angle

The viewing angle of the endoscope under test is measured in reference to the manufactures specifications.

ScopeControl_Field of View

Field of View

The field of view is measured in degrees and represents the visible range of the endoscope under test.



The focus of the endoscope under test is measured in relation to a set reference.

ScopeControl_Fiber Light Intensity

Light Fibers

The light fibers of the endoscope under test are measured in Lux and based on light emission.

ScopeControl_Light Intensity

Light Transmission

The light transmission of the endoscope under test is measured against its manufacturers reference value.


Colour Balance

During the colour balance test, the deviation is measured of the endoscope under test in relation to its reference value.

Endoscope measuring device

All endoscope testing results are presented in a measurement report providing valuable details about the quality of the endoscope.


  • With ScopeControl we get to grips with quality management to become compliant with the covenant on safety when using medical technology in our hospital.

  • This is really the first objective measuring method and results are stored automatically. This helps us to secure procedures conform the MIC committee (minimal invasive surgery) guidelines, says Guido Kortleven, head of medical instruments and control. It reduces costs and is the best tool to avoid defect endoscopes entering the operating theatre.

  • “The reasons are simple”, says Jan Wilterdink. “For the first time it becomes possible to check and control the quality process of endoscopes. Objective measurements result in improved work processes and high standards for the instruments used during the operations. This is what we need. We like to improve our service from the CSSD to our customer the Operating theatre.”

  • We have selected ScopeControl to secure the brand-agnostic testing of endoscopes, for its automated testing and reporting.