the medical data matrix scanner for instrument identification and tracking

The DoviSCAN data matrix scanner, for scanning data matrix codes on medical instruments

DoviSCAN is equipped with BlueLED technology to ensure reliable scanning of small 2D data matrix codes used on medical instruments for direct part marking (DPM). Especially codes ranging in size from 2mm to 14mm can be scanned with ease on instruments that have laser cut, engraved or etched data matrix codes.


Designed for medical use

DoviSCAN is a smart and compact data matrix scanner especially designed for medical use. The casing is shock proof, dust tight protected and splash-water resistant to make cleaning fast and easy.

Easy installation

The casing uses MagFIX to secure stable placement and operation. DoviSCAN can be connected directly to a computer via a USB port. It can also be set to work via COM port emulation. DoviSCAN is USB powered so no additional power cables or other cables are needed, to simplify its installation.

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DoviSCAN can be connected to any registration software for instrument identification and tracking, improving the overall quality assurance and work process.



DoviSCAN is ScopeControl compatible

DoviSCAN is fully compatible with ScopeControl to further automate and enhance the endoscope testing workflow.