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Quality Assurance with ScopeControl and GuideControl
Automated endoscope and light guide cable testing

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Endoscope Testing

ScopeControl is the worlds first and only fully automated measurement device for testing the optical fitness for use of rigid endoscopes in the hospital work-flow.



Quality Assurance

Assure the quality of your endoscopes, by testing and saving the measurement results to each individual endoscope.
Identification of each endoscope is made easy with the use of our DoviSCAN Data Matrix scanner.




In addition to visualise your results, EndoscopeManager is developed as an extension to ScopeControl. By connecting your ScopeControl(s) to the ScopeLINK platform, it couples the CSSD or Sterile Service organisation with the Biomed departments, Endoscope manufacturers and Repair shops.

Our Blog

  • We have selected ScopeControl to secure the brand-agnostic testing of endoscopes, for its automated testing and reporting.

  • With ScopeControl we get to grips with quality management to become compliant with the covenant on safety when using medical technology in our hospital.