Advised threshold standards of rigid endoscopes now released

Advised threshold standards of rigid endoscopes now released

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When is a rigid endoscope still good for usage? Advised threshold standards of rigid endoscopes now released!

To guarantee the optical quality of a rigid endoscope, the ScopeControl has been developed to measure several key optical parameters.

Recently ScopeControls have been tested in six hospitals in the Netherlands. Aspects such as robustness, accuracy , usability of the measured data, acceptation criteria and ergonomic aspects have been assessed by the University hospital UMC Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Advised threshold standards

The assessment resulted in the next advised thresholds for endoscopes considered to be in good condition.

  • View Angle (VA) 75%
  • Field of View (FV) 70%
  • Lens Light Transmission (LT) 65%
  • Colour Correction (CC) 70%
  • Focus (FC) 70%
  • Fiber Transmission (FT) 35%


Endoscope Fiber Transmission Graph


These tests ensures lower costs by early defect recognition and less delays in the operating theatre.

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